You may have realised that Factions has been white-listed we understand that many of you are upset that this map didn't go as planned but we can't express enough how sorry we are for that.

-Staff Revamp?

Yes that is correct we have demoted most of the staff after looking into issues players may have had with the current staff team and instead of 1 staff member making the calls on who is staff we will be making a group decision all people who are accepted on the forums will have to have a meeting/interview in the Teamspeak.
we hope for next map we have a professional staff team with no loopholes.
F top Winners-

1st-GetNuked have received their ftop prize
2nd-Empire Will receive their ftop prize on reset
3rd-Pingu will also receive their ftop prize on reset

Vote Winners-
Guys that is correct we do have prizes for the top voters so congrats to the top voters

You will receive your Prizes on reset

IratusPvP will be resetting in 3 weeks to a month, read last post if you want to find out why.


We will be resetting in a few weeks to a month, our current developers are already working hard on recoding last maps plugins, EVERYTHING WILL BE REVAMPED.

For ONCE we are finally working with people who actually know what they're doing.

You can expect a quality of a reset unlike ANYTHING you've ever experienced this past year with all the shit resets that there have been (maybe not better than optic, props to them for such a good experience, shame they are closing), stick with us one more time and you'll see it's worth it. We know players are still looking for something worth playing and I don't trust any upcoming servers to provide the quality that we will knowing how qualified their owners are.

plus Colletti is hella cute <3
Let's face it, this map was terrible. I can tell by the amount of chargebacks and the playerbase drop that alot of players feel this way too. In theory, this reset would have been perfect, but as always there are problems, which we were expecting, except there were alot more than I think any server could have expected. "How did this happen?" You might ask, we had developpers, a playerbase, working plugins and a month and a half of work done, how could it go this bad? I feel we owe a big explanation to our players:


A previous developer's plugins caused all the bugs, dupes and lag that you experienced this reset. These plugins being so heavy and actual critical features, our developers would have never had the time to recode them since that would have been the only option.


We started by firing our previous developers near end of december and hiring auto and headshot, but we decided to keep another developer who I won't name, he had worked hard on map 1 and his plugins didn't cause much trouble other than a few needed bug corrections, it was only fair to have him stick along with us even though auto warned me about his code being quite inefficient. I won't lie, development from there was a little slower than I expected even with the new developers, there was procrastination, distractions etc.. but everything was overall progressively being completed. So after a couple pushbacks of the release date, we got the trailer out, grinded out a couple plugins with that developer who I previously mentionned, since he needed a little closer monitoring than the other two, and the server was enough of a working state that I decided not to push back the release date again.

First problem we faced was the server crashing after too many players logging on, which caused our first player base drop, it turns out a new exploit had came out involving //calc that could crash servers instantly, and...
Hey guys for those of you who don't know me i'm pourinup and I'm currently a staff member on Iratus!. I'm posting this message today because there is some information you need to know, as well as questions I have for you all! so lets get right into it.

Raid event

With some sudden changes to the staff team, some of the players involved in doing the raid event have been demoted as you may know, to clarify.... The raid event is still going on and will be hosted on December 10th at 3pm est. The event will consist of spawners, and several filled chests.The base will have around 100 walls, however I wont give specifics as thats for you to find out!. Any questions and concerns please feel free to comment below or message me in game.


With map 2 approaching sometime this winter, Myself, @Appealing and @REDGamingYT have taken it upon ourselves to start planning the economy for next map!. For the next map, the idea is to make the economy a lot harder as certain factions had billions, an example would be taking cactus from 7200$ to 3-4000$. We think if the economy is harder the map will last longer and the map will turn out a lot better. On this thread is a poll with a vote, please vote and give us your feedback as it will help us create the economy to your liking, all blocks and items you would like added feel free to leave below and they may be added

Thank you!
Much of you guys have been disappointed with our quality of work the past month and this whole reset. We were incapable of adding our promised features and we did not give our players a quality bug free map like many expected Iratus to be. We had the potential we just didn't fulfill it everyone saw Iratus as a new fresh server with innovative ideas. We had the ideas in place it was implementing them that we struggled with. Next map will be fixed it will add promised features and it will be the server you all expected it to be. We cannot apologize enough for our mistakes and we continue to thank all of you for sticking with us through the rocky start of Iratus. So, you may be asking what does all this mean? It means Iratus will be getting revamped and we will be bringing the promised features and more to the server. We hope we can makeup for all of our mistakes and as a gesture we will be doubling the f top reward next map to 1000 dollars #2 will get 500 buycraft and number 3 will get 250 buycraft. Anyway I will be doing a sort of faq down below.

Why was 1.0 such a mess and the worst possible reset?
Iratus got probably double the players it expected, our hardware wasn't ready for the amount of players we got. We rushed the reset trying to make everything last minute for that we apologize. This time everything is being made well in advance to ensure everything is ready to go.

What are you going to do to ensure no more bugs or a minimal amount?
We are going to be having a closed beta with some trusted members on top of that we are going to have all features done well in advance to ensure they have no bugs.

What are you doing to make it up to us?
Well it starts at the top firstly we are going to provide you all with the server you expected Iratus to be. Everything will be added, we will be taking suggestions from you guys and improving the server. We will minimize the lag and the server will be the smoothest most enjoyable factions...
Due to our downtime on the 12th of november and to popular demand we will be extending the grace period to the 13th of november at 6PM EST.
If someone is abusing their home in your land and you guys are enemies, record, post it and they will receive a 2 week ban and a home removal

You will be able to set home anywhere besides enemy, truced and nutral land
It has come to our attention that many factions are angry that they missed out on a corner due to our hardware crapping out and limiting the server to 100 players. tomorrow at 3pm EST we will be releasing a third factions world with four more corners to make it fairer on the factions that missed out. we will also be upgrading our server to a much better host and will try to have as many slots as we need.
i would like to mention that there will be no reset of any worlds, claim, items, inventories, homes, so you don't need to worry about any of your progress being deleted.

i know you were all really looking forward to the reset and we are sorry that we couldn't deliver a smooth server for you all to play. we have been working hard all afternoon to fix any bugs we find, we really are trying hard to not have a server where only half of the player base is happy and we get to leave features half done and barley playable. the goal will be to try bring back the people who couldn't log on yesterday so they can have a good experience from iratus. We hope that letting players have another chance at getting a corner and evening out the playing field that you will give us another chance to bring you an enjoyable server to play on.
The forums:
Obviously the forums have their issues at the moment we have been slow to fix them due to our work on the main server getting that ready to hopefully reach our late October release date smoothly.

Staff Applications:
Staff applications will not be read until closer to release we have to much to do at the moment to worry about staff applications.

Thanks - Iratus Staff Team
Welcome to the official play.iratuspvp.com forums, we are excited to launch the forums and hope you enjoy interacting with the community. Thanks to @Nix for setting up the forums.