If you got a bye round. Congrats. It's completely random.
I know it's been a while we left you guys without any new toys to play with so today we'll be introducing our custom tntfill, expect more to come these next days.

The synthax goes as follows: /tntfill <true/false> [radius] [amount]
  • Where true is to fill dispensers directly from your inventory
  • And false is to fill dispensers from chests (more on this later)
  • The radius is by default set at max value which is 75
  • And the amount designates the amount of tnt that is to be in each dispensers (if the amount per dispenser exceeds the amount of tnt that is availble, it will automatically round it down to the next possible amount)
Now on how to fill dispensers from chests.
1. Place a chest in your faction land
2. Place a sign with [TNT] on the first line, if done correctly the name of your faction should appear on the second line ounce you placed it.
Thus going from this to this.
here, RipRatus is the faction's name.

3. and now next time you wish to tntfill make sure to set the first argument to false
Ex: /tntfill false 75 64
Hello IratusPvP on Friday, November 25 3 P.M. EST we will be hosting a 1v1 tournament for a chance to win buycraft vouchers and spawners!

There will be an unlimited amount of spots so feel free to sign up. You will sign up on this thread, and I will add you to the bracket. The bracket will be posted on Thursday to let everyone know who they will be facing.

Time: Friday, November 25. 3 P.M. EST
Prizes: 1st place: 7 Iron Golem Spawners, $50 Buycraft Voucher
2nd place: 5 Iron Golem Spawners, $25 Buycraft Voucher
3rd Place: 3 Iron Golem Spawners, $10 Buycraft Voucher

This event will be hosted by Fatal1500, and Trukings

The kit will be supplied. The kit will include: Protection IV Unbreaking 1 Diamond set, Sharpness 5 diamond sword. 3 Speed 2 drink potions, 3 Strength 2 drink potions, 16 enderpearls, 64 Steak, Rest instant 2 health splash potions.

To sign up leave a comment on the thread with your ign!

The deadline to sign up will be on Thursday, November 24 9 P.M. EST.
TNT is now enabled and you can now raid people and f top is also disabled for a little bit because it was causing most of the servers tps issues.
Due to our downtime on the 12th of november and to popular demand we will be extending the grace period to the 13th of november at 6PM EST.
Post below if you uploaded the trailer and we will get you your key. Please include the link.
If someone is abusing their home in your land and you guys are enemies, record, post it and they will receive a 2 week ban and a home removal

You will be able to set home anywhere besides enemy, truced and nutral land
It has come to our attention that many factions are angry that they missed out on a corner due to our hardware crapping out and limiting the server to 100 players. tomorrow at 3pm EST we will be releasing a third factions world with four more corners to make it fairer on the factions that missed out. we will also be upgrading our server to a much better host and will try to have as many slots as we need.
i would like to mention that there will be no reset of any worlds, claim, items, inventories, homes, so you don't need to worry about any of your progress being deleted.

i know you were all really looking forward to the reset and we are sorry that we couldn't deliver a smooth server for you all to play. we have been working hard all afternoon to fix any bugs we find, we really are trying hard to not have a server where only half of the player base is happy and we get to leave features half done and barley playable. the goal will be to try bring back the people who couldn't log on yesterday so they can have a good experience from iratus. We hope that letting players have another chance at getting a corner and evening out the playing field that you will give us another chance to bring you an enjoyable server to play on.
This reset attempt was obviously not what we wanted to be. It was laggy it had issues and things were not done right. We propose to you guys a poll, we could either reset next Saturday with bug fixes and patches and call this our beta or stick with this map and fix the issues. It's your choice vote above.
as promised here is this maps Economy.

Please bear in mind that this is my first time making a server's economy.
all feedback, concerns and criticism is welcome.

Edit: /Sell will be added to the rank Premium through to the rank iratus.

Hype Bois