This channel is going to be where you will get visual updates on the server such as new plugins, sneak-peaks and trailers
We will also be posting other players videos if requested and seem to be at a good standard such as raid-events, lets plays, pvp battles/montages and anything like that once uploaded and asked to be uploaded onto our channel we will make your official youtube account be featured on our channel so players can find you and subscribe to you to help you boost your player amount

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!Warning!This Is Only A Sneak-Peak!Warning!

We're sad to say that Iratus has been sold, and Check & Dorito are no longer in charge of the server. Despite this, though, we're pleased to announce that our new owner is the slightly-famous YouTuber, F1NN5TER!
We also have a new developer.
New staff, new roles, new plugins.
Everyone has been working around the clock to make sure we don't disappoint you this time!

We have a lot of information about the server dropping in the near future. Be sure to stay tuned, and watch out for potential changes!

Everyone will be unbanned this reset, with the exception of bans as a result of chargeback after the 1st of March 2017. This means, any chargebacks made after that date, will be treated as usual. (Permanent ban). for Those who charged back prior to the date, will lose their ranks. Those who did not charge back, don't worry everything will be the same

Reset date is yet to be confirmed.